Toby Carrodus

Toby Carrodus

Toby Carrodus is a quantitative finance professional focused on medium-frequency systematic global macro trading. He uses statistical methods and automated algorithms to systematically trade bonds, commodities, currencies and equity indices across Europe, Asia and North America.

His educational background includes a Master of Science in Economics from the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, where he specialised in quantitative methods and corporate finance, and a Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Arts in German & Political Science from The Australian National University.

Carrodus worked part-time as an Electorate Officer in the Australian Senate during his undergraduate degree, engaging in database maintenance and policy research. During his postgraduate studies in Berlin, he was a part-time student researcher at the German Data Forum (RatSWD) of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW).

His entry into finance was marked by an Investment Banking Internship at Macquarie Group in Frankfurt. There, Carrodus focused on financial analysis, valuation and mergers and acquisitions.

Thereafter, Carrodus moved to London to work for the $2 trillion bonds-trading powerhouse PIMCO. Carrodus started off preparing reports for account managers before transitioning to portfolio management, where he assisted portfolio managers in managing global investment-grade credit and high-yield portfolios.

Later, as an Assistant Portfolio Manager at MST Capital in Sydney, Carrodus directly supported the Chief Investment Officer to manage a global macro portfolio of bonds, currencies, stocks and commodities. He was involved in executing trades across all asset classes and developing systematic trading strategies using Python.

Carrodus further developed his expertise in systematic global macro trading at Winton, one of the oldest, largest and most prestigious quantitative hedge funds. Winton is known for pioneering the application of scientific methods to markets to identify profitable trading opportunities.

In recent years, Carrodus has worked in the field of medium-frequency systematic global macro prop trading, overseeing the design, research, implementation and management of automated trading strategies across currencies, commodities, bonds, and equity indices.

Outside of his professional life, Toby loves to surf, spend time with his children and exercise. In a former life he was also a sponsored competitive skater.