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The Toby Carrodus Scholarship is designed to support students with big ambitions who exhibit exceptional promise, resilience and dedication to their studies and community, but face financial barriers to pursuing their education.

The Toby Carrodus Scholarship aims to recognise talent and ambition regardless of financial circumstance and help individuals maximise their own potential for success in their chosen field.

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Excellence. Determination. Commitment.

The scholarship is named after Toby Carrodus. Toby is an Australian quantitative finance professional, who came from a low income household in regional Australia, and was fortunate to be the recipient of several scholarships during his undergraduate and postgraduate studies, ensuring he could reach his study and career aspirations.


The Award

This scholarship is offered annually to a final-year high school student commencing university the following year or a first-year university student. Applications for 2024 are open until 30 September 2024.

The total value of this scholarship is AUD $5,000 per annum. This amount will be paid in 10 monthly instalments during the university year. Extension of the scholarship for further years will be contingent upon students receiving a Distinction average.

If the candidate also wishes, Toby Carrodus will be open to mentorship and career advice to the candidate.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. A low socio/economic background from a rural/regional area relocating to a larger, metropolitan area for university.
  2. Demonstrated academic and sporting achievement.
  3. Demonstrated community involvement.
  4. Acceptance into an Australian university degree program (for final year school students this can be waived but payment will be contingent on being accepted into a program in a metropolitan area.)
  5. Citizen or permanent resident of Australia.

In terms of the definitions of the listed above:

  • Low-socio economic refers to a family receiving the low-income tax offset or middle-income tax offset.
  • Rural/regional refers to all of Australia, except for the following areas:
    • Sydney; Wollongong; Newcastle; Central Coast
    • Melbourne
    • Brisbane; Gold Coast
    • Perth
    • Australian Capital Territory
    • Adelaide
  • Academic achievement refers to an average grade of minimum A- or equivalent for high school students applying for the first year of university. For the maintenance of the scholarship while at university or for first year university students applying for the scholarship while already at university, there is a requirement of a minimum Distinction average or equivalent.
  • Sporting achievement could include a variety of sports such as 'structured' sports, for example top 3 placings (not participation) in competitive athletics or swimming, representation in a regional soccer or hockey team, or individual sports such as tennis. Sporting achievements also include 'unstructured' sports, such as skateboarding or freestyle BMX (for example, sponsorships or competition wins).
  • Community involvement could include a variety of things such as fundraising for a charity, being elected as a school or sports captain or volunteering at an animal shelter.
  • Degree program must be a university level program. All degree programs are accepted (for example, Mathematics, Philosophy, Acting).

The above should serve as a guide only. Supporting evidence for the above must also be provided and certified by a Justice of the Peace.

To be accepted, you must be enrolled full-time in an accredited Australian Tertiary Education Institution, or provide evidence of acceptance into an accredited Australian Tertiary Education Institution degree program by year end for final year high school students.

Only citizens or permanent residents of Australia can apply.

The Challenge

To apply, please write a brief personal statement outlining:

  1. How you meet the Eligibility Criteria.
  2. What your study plans are.
  3. What your career goals are.
  4. What drives you as a person.

Please do not write what you think we want to hear – be truthful, honest and write from the heart.

How to Apply

All applicants must email the following documentation to

  • Proof of Identification.
  • Proof of enrolment, including course name, tertiary institution name and enrolment status (can be provided at year end for final year high school students).
  • Your response (max word count 1,000 words).
  • Your supporting documentation (outlined in 'Eligibility Criteria') signed by a Justice of the Peace.
  • Contact details (including residential address).

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Selection Process

The winner of the scholarship will be selected and awarded by Toby Carrodus, on the basis of the personal statement that best grasps the challenge. Toby Carrodus will decide which submission is successful on 30 September 2024.


The winner will be notified by email and their name will be published on our website.

Please see full Terms and Conditions.

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Having some degree of success in life was made easier by the generosity of others in recognising my dedication, hard work and potential. I now want to support the young people whose shoes I was once in, so I have decided to create a scholarship for students of low-socio economic status from regional communities who will be relocating to capital cities (or overseas) to study.

I understand life is hard for today’s students. The cost of living is rising in terms of rent and higher education fees and competition is steadily rising. I would like to help someone who has demonstrated potential and an ability to work hard but whose financial means are limited, as I once experienced. The ideal candidate would be someone who is an all-rounder: good grades, some demonstration of community involvement and sporting prowess and a demonstrated ability to work hard with a great attitude.


Toby Carrodus
Toby Carrodus

Toby Carrodus


Toby Carrodus is an Australian quantitative finance professional focused on medium-frequency systematic global macro trading. He uses statistical methods and automated algorithms to systematically trade bonds, commodities, currencies and equity indices across Europe, Asia and North America.

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Toby Carrodus